About Us

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About Jia Yi Confinement Centre

Jia Yi Confinement Resoures was established in the year 2004.

Throughout the years we have managed to provide different background of mothers during their postpartum period.

We have a team of experienced staffs with diverse background of expertise.

We are also specialised in our home cooked style confinement meals with some innovative twist in each meals provided to our customers.

  • Safe, hygienic and peaceful sanctuary for mother’s and children
  • Prime location, easily accessible and adjacent to lush greenery providing freshest possible air
  • Central dust collection system, air conditioning and water filtration access points in all rooms that are continually monitored and maintained
  • High operating standards which are consistent and clear within premises
  • Experienced and Professional nursery caregivers (previous midwife from General Hospital)
  • Five delicious and nutritious meals a day for mothers
  • Baby daily necessities